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Joe Lipp Sports Player

footbal1Football is highly popular sports in America. As an American football former player and a religious fan of football. Joe Lipp, a 5-foot-7, 160-lbs, senior graduated in 2006, he was an excellent football player, he played at Delaware Valley football, high school French town, New Jersey, was ranked 7,489 nationally, and 191 ranked in New Jersey.

2Joe has done outstandingly well while he was a player on the Rams football team during his school days. He has won multiple awards for his performances as a volunteer graduate in the Delaware Valley High School. Apart from this he has love for other sports and has done well in swimming, boxing, Semi Pro Football, and more.

1At the conclusion, NFL has become the most played games after the amazing league championship held in 1958 was called as the greatest game played ever.  The world league of American Football was formed by the NFL. Till today many other leagues are also popular in America such as United Fotball League, Stars Football League and Fall Experimental Football league, etc


Joe Lipp Sports Lover

Joe Lipp is sports lover who loves anything and everything about the sports. By nature Joe can play any sport that can be soccer, cricket, tennis, golf, squash, boxing, scuba diving, lacrosse, semi pro football, etc. Joe has played a variety of sports since his childhood and received various awards and certifications for that. According to Joe the person must be good in playing sports for achieving success and become better in life.

Joe Lipp

Owner and President of Lipp LLC Played on the Rams football team as a
kid Boxed golden gloves Played Delaware Valley football 4 years in
high school High School Swim team Certified Scuba  Diver High School
Soccer Cub scout Boy Scout Attained Eagle Scout status Played lacrosse
in high school Played 5 years Semi Pro Football for the Flemington
Generals Worked at Cap Connection for 2 years Worked as a Life Guard
for 5 years at Riegl Ridge Worked at Flemington Car and Truck for 2
years in sales

Won outstanding volunteer award Kohls Kid awarded for volunteering
graduate from Delaware Valley High School Born in Summit NJ Lipp LLC
has done work for the following major companies: Penrose Property
Maintenance, Morgan Properties,  Bank of America, Target Stores, TD
Bank,  Dunkin Donuts.

Joe Lipp